Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Africa Talks Climate: Should we listen to the Africans who don't buy into the global warming hoax?

Eyewitness News: Climate change not SA’s top priority, reveals survey
A recent study shows that most South Africans are unfazed by the prospect of climate change.

The study was conducted by the BBC World Service Trust and the British Council.

The South Africa Talks Climate report was released in Cape Town on Tuesday.

The study revealed that most South Africans felt there were more pressing issues than fighting climate change.
Jonathon Porritt: "vital to listen to the voices of those at the frontline of climate change" | Africa Talks Climate
Jonathon Porritt, former UK government advisor on sustainable development, talks about Africa Talks Climate

"It (is) vital to remember and listen to the voices of those on the frontline of climate change. Millions of people across the world who are often completely absent from the debate but for whom the effects of climate change are an everyday and often cruel reality."

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Anonymous said...

What a question. YES YOU CAN Listen to Africans who know very well that the only reason there is drought and desertification is because of corrupt and dictatorial leadership.