Friday, April 16, 2010

Not again: Yet another warmist has to be rescued from Arctic cold

Tom Smitheringale's Record Breaking, Unaided North Pole Expedition
Part of the reason Tom’s One Man Epic is taking place now is because of the effect that global warming is having on the polar ice caps. Over the past 20 years, scientists have noticed that our world is heating up. As the great polar ice floes melt, sea levels are slowly rising and the huge glaciers are becoming weaker and weaker. Some scientists have even estimated that the polar ice cap will have entirely melted away by 2014!
April 5: Frostbite
Tom Smitheringale’s frostbitten thumbs caused him a lot of pain, so much so that he decided to ask for an evacuation. After several phone calls and some rest he cancelled his decision and is more than ever determined to carry on.
April 7: Smitheringale's frostbite setback - ABC Perth - Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Tom Smitheringale's One Man Epic trek across the Arctic has suffered a setback as agonising frostbite settles in.
April 16: Australian rescued by Canadian Forces after Arctic accident
Although the weather was favourable for the rescue mission, Smitheringale was about 460 kilometres northwest of Canadian Forces Station Alert — the edge of the operating range of the two twin otter search planes and civilian helicopter that were dispatched to the accident site, said Robert.
Smitheringale was picked up around 9 p.m. Thursday and transported to CFS Alert suffering from hypothermia and frostbite in his extremities, said Robert.
Smitheringale, who had already trekked nearly 300 kilometres and had endured temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius over the previous 46 days, is expected to be evacuated from CFS Alert to a civilian hospital on Friday.


Anonymous said...

I read from Mr Smitheringale's website that his reckless publicity stunt was was part of an effort to brainwash school children with AGW propaganda. His site even offers some discussion topics for schools: - had to laugh at this one:
"Why would it be dangerous for Tom to try to cross the ice in a few years time? Would his journey be the same? What could happen to him if global warming has increased? What sort of problems or dangers might he face?"

At least the children learned 2 things:
1) it's bloody cold up there and
2) Mr Smitheringale's an idiot

Anonymous said...

Smithering idiot.

lostinthepost said...

Of course he claims AGW as his motivation. Just like the rest of the climate change industrial complex. He knows where the funding is.

I am currently seeking government funding for a new Ferrari. I plan to drive it around to test public concerns around AGW. Soon you will be able to follow me on my website.

Hopefully, I can call for help should I run out of petrol.

Unknown said...

Smitheringale could have driven his SUV to work and back for a year.. and still not emitted the greenhouse gases attributable to his rescue flight.