Saturday, January 29, 2011

Warmist attempts Mount McKinley in winter; gets really cold; quits

Grand Marais climber abandons quest to reach top of Mount McKinley | Park Rapids Enterprise
[Lonnie Dupre] had spent six nights and five days at that height, pinned down by high winds and temperatures down to 50 below zero. He had lost “considerable strength and conditioning” during that wait, Suprenant said.
“He had a cold night of sleep last night (Tuesday night),” Suprenant said. “I just don’t think he has enough energy to keep warm.”
2005: One World Expedition: Rolex
Dupre and Larsen hope to raise awareness of the growing threat of global climate change, which affects the entire planet but has particular impact on the Earth's delicate Polar regions.


Jim said...

Even the "really cold" January 2011 was warmer than average around the globe.

Roy said...

Jim: No, it wasn't. It was below average.