Friday, July 15, 2011

Just Do It: UK Climate Activism Film {VIDEOS} | Planetsave
If you haven’t kept up with or haven’t been aware of all the great climate action in the UK in the past few years (or even if you have), check out these awesome videos below
Putin calls for global climate consensus -
MAGNITOGORSK, Russia, July 15 (UPI) -- Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has called for an international consensus on greenhouse gas emissions.
Camel Calculations | Real Science
I ran Australian camel farts through my climate model and found that killing all the camels will prevent 0.000000 degrees of temperature rise over the next century.

Animals consume the same amount of carbon as they emit. Had Julia passed primary school, she probably would have been aware of this.

It is important to remember that we are dealing with some of the stupidest people who ever lived.
Gone by September? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
the odds are rapidly shortening on Julia Gillard being out by late September.
This is madness and it must be stopped | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
It is lunacy to impose a carbon dioxide tax that will slow our growth on the eve of a financial clamity, and it’s utterly delusional to do on the expectation that this is the very time when sinking economies will impose similar taxes themselves.

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