Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Major investors: Preventing the "complete collapse of human civilization" isn't enough incentive for us to make green investments; what we really want is cash

Major investors seek new carbon emissions treaty - US news - Environment -
GENEVA — The world's largest investors are urging governments to sign a legally binding treaty on carbon emissions at the upcoming talks in South Africa in December.

A group of 285 investors representing more than $20 trillion (€14.62 trillion) in assets say only legally enforceable limits on carbon emissions will create the incentives and investment needed to effectively reduce heat-trapping greenhouse gases.
Shouldn't preventing the "complete collapse of human civilization" be incentive enough? Why would anyone need a cash bonus to sweeten that deal?

And if "green investments" are so attractive, why should anyone be forced to make them?

July 18, 2007: Is this the single most insane thing that fraudster Al Gore ever said?
Starting around the 13:20 mark in the audio below, Gore argues that trace amounts of CO2 could "absolutely" lead to the "complete collapse of human civilization".

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