Friday, December 23, 2011

10Q: Exploring Attenborough's Earth - Bloomberg

Q: What would you say to the still sizeable body of skeptics who doubt global warming is man made?

A: It would seem to me that it would be absolutely extraordinary if the most numerous and powerful species that the planet has ever seen didn’t have an effect on the climate. It would be absolutely amazing. But whether we did or whether we didn’t is neither here nor there, when we know we’re faced with the problem of increasing temperatures and climate change. No one can deny that the climate is changing – it IS changing. And if we do nothing, it’ll be changing with increasing speed.

Their Side – Bloggers knew FOIA emails were coming « the Air Vent

[comment] But I am confident this was not the work of a hacker. If they were a hacker, they would not worry about filtering out personal or irrelevant information. No, the data was clearly being collected for a FOIA dump by CRU and someone just conformed with the law (which is one reason I don’t think they will disclose the source).

I think I will post my musings sometime next week, since the more I think about the more I conclude FOIA is not only protected, but known by authorities and CRU. And they appear to be untouchable. The reasons they may be untouchable is what I find interesting.

Norfolk Police Raid TallBloke - YouTube

BBC Interview with two people interviewed by Norfolk Police in connection with ClimateGate emails. Permission obtained from BBC Reporter.

1939 : All Of The World’s Glaciers In Retreat | Real Science

One of the most flagrant lies from the IPCC, the EPA, and the Hey-Ho, is that glacial retreat is due to CO2.

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