Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Al Gore Reinvention? (From ‘climate change’ to ‘sustainable capitalism’) — MasterResource

No doubt his handlers have given Al Gore the word: go easy on climate warming (aka climate change). The issue has little traction. You are the wrong voice for the cause. Solyndra. Climategate 2.0. Winter snows…. Not now, Al.

European Parliament eyes boosting carbon prices in effort to save cap-and-trade system | CanadianBusiness.com

The committee vote is the first step in a long procedure that risks being blocked by states protecting their industries.

Intense cold, fog kills 65 lin Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow : The cold wave sweeping large parts of Uttar Pradesh over the past three days has claimed the lives of 65 people so far.

According to an official source,most of the dead were pavement or slum dwellers, with very little or virtually no woollens to protect them from the biting chill

Meteorologist on Climate Change: 'It's Raining Harder Out There' | CNSnews.com

“And being a guy who stands out in the rain all the time, it rains, it’s raining harder out there. And that’s really weird. It’s not scientific, but when I’m out there in it, it just seems to be raining a lot harder. More water vapor means more rainfall,” he said.

Thou Shalt Not Question UN "Experts" | The Moral Liberal

The imperious attitudes and intolerance of dissenting opinions displayed by these officials further underscores the wholly unscientific and politicized nature of the IPCC process. Even in the face of Climategate 2009 and 2010, The Delinquent Teenager, Marc Morano’s A-Z Climate Reality Check and other revelations, the UN and IPCC fully intend to impose their views and agendas.

At this point, in the view of the IPCC, the only thing left is for first world countries to pay up and shut up – and poor countries to develop in the way and to the extent allowed by the United Nations.

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