Friday, December 23, 2011

Coldest December in San Luis Obispo in 40 years? Probably

This is proving to be the coldest December in San Luis Obispo County, California, since 1971, says local weather expert John Lindsey.  And December 1971 was the coldest December on record.

Running from Climate Change: The Obama Administration’s Changing Rhetoric « Climate and Development Lab

 The phrases “climate change” and “global warming” have become all but taboo on Capital Hill. These terms are stunningly absent from the political arena, and have been since 2010

Environmentalism & Freedom » Climate Resistance

George opens with the classic litany of ecological alarmism, concluding that the ‘vast majority of climate scientists believe that climate change is happening’. The mistake, of course, is to forget that many — perhaps even the majority of — climate sceptics believe that ‘climate change is happening’, too. What is at issue is the degree to which it is happening, and what kind of a problem climate change is. ‘Climate change is happening’ doesn’t mean anything by itself; it’s an entirely empty claim

Tim Wirth Slams Obama: "I Don't Know Who and Where the Climate Leadership in the Administration Is. It Doesn't Exist." | ThinkProgress

There is no resolve in the Obama administration to do anything

Wirth: 2012 is Obama’s ‘last window of opportunity’ to get it right on climate change |

Wirth is still “riding the global warming issue.”

Rajendra Pachauri: Ever the Activist « NoFrakkingConsensus

his conduct is indistinguishable from a green activist.

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