Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finally – Real Journalism on NGOs « NoFrakkingConsensus

Some excellent work is currently being done on NGOs such as Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). But that work isn’t appearing in traditional newspapers and magazines. Rather, it’s happening in the blogosphere.

4 Ways to Answer Skeptics on Climate Change | StateImpact Texas

  • The facts are all around you. Hayhoe suggests that instead of only looking at global and historical data of climate change, skeptics start looking in their own yards: “trees and plants flowering earlier in the year, birds migrating southward later, insects and invasive species moving northward.” Some of the best evidence indicating a warming planet is right before our eyes, she says.
  • This isn’t just another cycle. There is no natural factor or cycle of the sun to fault for climate change, Hayhoe says. “There is no natural explanation for the change we see today,” she writes. “According to natural factors, we should be cooling.”
  • What would Jesus do on a warming planet? That’s easy, Hayhoe says.
  • Another IPCC error: cloud albedo forcing | Climate Etc.

    The attempts by the IPCC to disguise this sequence of fiddles led to an erroneous statement in the final report.

    When the error was reported, it was denied by the IPCC, with the false claim that the text explained the reasoning behind the estimate and that there was no error.

    Twitter / @CFigueres: #Canada can step out of Ky ...

    can step out of Kyoto Protocol but as industr country cannot step away from responsibilities to future generations. Step up!

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