Saturday, December 31, 2011

Miranda Devine's mailbag: A year of reader feedback |

Bob took the long view: "I am a life member of Bronte Surf Club. I am 76yrs of age and I have not seen the sea level change at all.

"In fact as a child I remember one year with the Xmas tides the water came right up through the park. How come these alarmists can predict that the beaches are going to be swamped in the next 75yrs when nothing has altered in the past 75yrs?"

Climate Change Denial – Book Review | Young Australian Skeptics

According to a collaborative energy research study by The University of Melbourne, Australia could be powered 100% by renewable energy in just 10 years, at a cost of 3% GDP per year.


Anonymous said...

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This review is pure science denial. It only pushes one side of the debate and uses the same cherry picked strawman arguments that have routinely poisoned the debate rather than enhance it.

Since the author is unable to write a balanced article, I will add some info to create a balance and will leave the readers to investigate themselves and hopefully show that the science isn't settled for the benefit of improving scientific methods towards climate science, as well as, researching the political and monetary motivations behind some of the spin.

The site that calls itself "skeptical" is anything but. They have even edited past articles to cover their own shortcomings

The 97% consensus fallacy is based on a very small sample group based on a survey of two questions, which were very open ended to begin with.

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Here are some sites of interest for those who truly have a sceptical mind:

I thank you in advanced for allowing this reply to be published.