Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Occupy Bristol: Planet not yet overheated enough to allow us to sleep comfortably outside in an unheated tent

'Occupy Bristol' uncovered by thermal images

Only two out of 30 tents are being used by the 'Occupy Bristol' protesters to sleep in overnight. This was discovered after the Evening Post took pictures of the camp on College Green using a thermal imaging camera, capable of detecting body heat.

According to the 'Occupy Bristol' website, they are not sleeping in the tents due to the cold weather but that doesn't mean that the movement has weakened.

From the Occupy Bristol home page:
So it turns out the Evening post have hired a thermal imaging camera and have discovered that only a couple of tents are occupied.

They could have saved themselves the bother and just asked us, we would happily have explained that as the weather has got colder people have been moving into the structures which are heated, and therefore a reasonably comfortable place to be in the colder weather.
[The news story of the year] could be the the hacking scandal at News International, that shows how corrupt a lot of the mainstream media is, or it could be the increasing problem of climate change, which our rulers are pretty much ignoring because they are worried about profits, but which will be affecting us and our children for decades -or centuries- to come.

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