Thursday, December 15, 2011

Senate votes down carbon tax - swissinfo

Switzerland’s parliament has rejected proposals for a tax on fuel as a means of reducing carbon emissions.

The Senate voted on Thursday to reject imposing a tax on fuel, following the example of the House of Representatives, despite having previously been in favour of the proposal.

Inequality and climate injustice: A Durban post-mortem |

It is like being unconcerned about a plane crash because you are sitting at the back of the plane.

Romm : Earth To Burn Up! | Real Science

So far this century, temperatures have declined – with 2008 and 2011 as the two coldest years. But when that heat comes back up from hiding at the bottom of the ocean, it is going to go absolutely nuts and fry the planet.

During the Ordovician, CO2 was 10X of current values, and Earth had an ice age. Must have been caused by Rommulans.

How will climate change affect rainfall? | Environment |

So far, any impact that climate change may have had generally on regional rainfall cannot be distinguished from natural variations.

Matt Ridley: Chris Huhne, The Anti-Energy Secretary

WHEN is a job not a job? Answer: when it is a green job. Jobs in an industry that raises the price of energy effectively destroy jobs elsewhere; jobs in an industry that cuts the cost of energy create extra jobs elsewhere.

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