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A bit more background on Nobel Peace Prize-winning warmist Katharine Hayhoe and her husband/co-author Andrew Farley

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married to . The Naked Gospel: Jesus Plus Nothing. 100% Natural. No Additives. (9780310293064): Andrew Farley: Books

I found myself lying on the floor of my apartment, sobbing for hours on end: 'God, I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do, and I still don't feel closer to you. In fact, I feel worse than ever! How could this have gone wrong? I can't see any way out. Help me.' As a university student, Andrew Farley found himself physically and emotionally addicted to street evangelism and Bible study. Yet despite his fervid behavior, he knew something was missing. That something was an understanding of the gospel that is stripped of the compromises and cliches of the modern church. The Naked Gospel finds friends among those who are burned out on experience-chasing, ceremonialism, or legalism. It attacks churchy jargon and powerless ideas and puts forth a message that is simple but life-changing. With a fresh take on Scripture and unapologetic style, The Naked Gospel will challenge you and stir you to re-examine everything you thought you already knew. A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions (9780446549578): Katharine Hayhoe, Andrew Farley: Books

Most Christian lifestyle or environmental books focus on how to live in a sustainable and conservational manner. A CLIMATE FOR CHANGE shows why Christians should be living that way, and the consequences of doing so. Drawing on the two authors' experiences, one as an internationally recognized climate scientist and the other as an evangelical leader of a growing church, this book explains the science underlying global warming, the impact that human activities have on it, and how our Christian faith should play a significant role in guiding our opinions and actions on this important issue.

2007 :: Nobel Peace Prize Shared by Texas Tech Researcher

Hayhoe served as one of the reviewers for the IPCC’s massive international analysis of the impact of human activities on Earth’s weather climate and global warming, released in the spring of this year. Also, her climate change research is cited in the study.

“I’m sure this is as close to a Nobel Peace Prize as I’m going to get,” Hayhoe said. “It’s really exciting.”

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