Monday, January 16, 2012

Carbon dioxide encourages risky behaviour in clownfish - life - 15 January 2012 - New Scientist

Carbon dioxide in the ocean acts like alcohol on fish, leaving them less able to judge risks and prone to losing their senses. The intoxication adds to the threats that global warming and ocean acidification pose to marine ecosystems.

Climate change becomes a flash point in science education -

Some states have introduced education standards requiring teachers to defend the denial of man-made global warming. A national watchdog group says it will start monitoring classrooms.
...Climatologists say man-made climate change is not scientifically controversial.

Losing Nemo – Telegraph Blogs

...A new organisation to be established under the auspices of the United Nations, perhaps calling itself the International Panel on Climate Change – or similar – in which teams of top scientists can be paid large sums of money to ignore any contradictory evidence and prove that anthropogenic carbon dioxide poses a major threat with consequences including (but not limited to) global warming, global cooling, ocean acidification, spring coming earlier, spring coming later, David Attenborough being shivery and upset near the North Pole, David Attenborough being even colder and more upset in the Antarctic, birds mysteriously flying south in winter, water in the arctic regions mysteriously hardening in the cooler months, etc.

The Reference Frame: NASA: Canada is focal point of climate change

How did the NASA "experts" determine that Canada, and not the U.S., is currently the primary villain causing global warming? It's simple. The reason is that Canada has a more conservative government than the U.S. these days, something that is sort of unprecedented in the historical context.

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