Monday, January 16, 2012

Faint sunlight enough to drive weather, clouds on Saturn's moon Titan

Titan's surface receives about 0.1 percent of the solar energy that Earth does.

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William M. Briggs, Statistician » First Signs of Rampant Global Cooling Seen At Nome, Alaska?

If we do not act, what’s happening now in Nome will soon happen where you live. The Nugget reports that “Nome has not been above 0oF since Dec. 23 and broke records on January 3 with -37oF (old -34oF, 1949), Jan. 4 with -38oF (old -34oF, 1917) and tied with the old record of -40oF from 1917 on Jan. 5.”

This stretch of inclement weather was never before seen in the entire “105-years of climatological history in Nome.”

Deniers now ‘kicking puppies’ |

Poor, poor pitiful Katharine Hayhoe and Kerry Emanuel. Whoa, these deniers won’t let them be.

Ex-New Gingrich climate chapter author Katharine Hayhoe hides behind God and her baby to advance the climate alarmist agenda.

MIT meteorology professor Kerry Emanuel says Republican climate skepticism makes him “ashamed to be an American” — his Marxist wife was so ashamed she actually gave up her U.S. citizenship!

Historic snowstorm for Seattle?

“Single day snowfall of six inches or greater has occurred on only 15 days since 1950, none since 1996,” said Climatologist Jim Rourke. “The top Seattle snowstorm was Feb. 1, 1916 when 21.5 inches piled up.”

“The greater Seattle area has the potential to pick up over a foot of snow, with the majority falling Tuesday night into Wednesday should all the ingredients fall into place.”

Causes of Climate Change - Poll Results | ScienceBits

Cause of 20th century warming Fraction (Votes)
Mostly Anthropogenic5.2% (22)
Mostly Natural81.8% (346)
Nobody knows14.9% (63)

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