Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gore warns ‘civilization is at risk’ if global warming not a campaign issue [VIDEO]

Gore gave Obama some credit for some of the small initiatives he has taken, but he added that he hoped the president will make it an issue in the campaign [Me too].

The Climate Corporation Expands Operations with New Office in Seattle, Washington | Business Wire

The Climate Corporation's mission is to help the world's people and businesses adapt to climate change. The company protects the $3 trillion global agriculture industry from the financial impact of adverse weather—the cause of over 90 percent of crop loss—with fully automated weather insurance products.

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Sean said...

You know, I have to admit, I agree with Al Gore. I hope Mr. Obama makes climate change an issue. It should help tremendously in the old rust belt blue dollar union towns where the workers are scared to death their factories will be shut down or made non-competative by EPA rules. Go Al!!