Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Karnataka's coldest day in 100 years, 7 dead in Andhra Pradesh - IBN South News - IBNLive

Madikeri in Karnataka recorded its lowest in the last 132 years on January 16 when the mercury plummeted to 4.8 degrees Celsius. Mysore, too, recorded its lowest temperature in over 100 years. The minimum in Mysore fell to an all-time record of 7.7 degrees Celsius on January 16, the lowest in the last 120 years.

Cold-weather records being broken in Sask. - Saskatchewan - CBC News

Cold weather records were broken in a number of communities overnight, including a few that were experiencing record high temperatures only two weeks ago.

Green Subsidy Farms Harvest £25 Million For Sweet F.A.

Wind farms are receiving millions of pounds to shut down when the weather is too windy, The Times has learnt. Dozens of onshore facilities shared £25 million last year, a 13,733 per cent increase on 2010, after a particularly blustery year, according to the figures released by National Grid.

Bay Area sees record lows in three locations Tuesday |

The Bay Area saw record-breaking freezing temperatures Tuesday morning in three different spots, and local meteorologists forecasted temperatures to possibly dip again before midnight that night.

Warming Alarmists Avoid A Global Warming Rumble In The Jungle - Forbes

With record cold and snow pummeling the United States and much of the globe during the past few winters, blogger Andrew Freedman is arguing that global warming causes frigid weather and snow. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., however, wrote in 2008 that global warming causes warm, anemic winters with little snow. These two really need to square off.

Record Snow Sweeps Japan --

But the island's meteorological agency said this is the most snow Iwamizawa has been hit with since records began in 1946.

Solar Subsidy Sinkhole – Germany’s Solar Debacle Is A “Massive Money Pit”

Solar Subsidy Sinkhole, Re-Evaluating Germany’s Blind Faith in the Sun.

The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Off-the-Grid Solar -

The bottom line is that our solar production provides only 46 percent of what we need, and what we need is minimal.

The result is that we run the diesel generator every few days. In four months, we’ve had 89 hours of noise and smoke and burned 45 gallons of diesel. Not what I expected.

Alaska dog sled races canceled - Too much snow and cold

Officials in Fairbanks canceled the Copper Basin 300 sled dog race Sunday morning after a section of trail was deemed impassible.

Race marshal Greg Parvin said the trail between Meier’s Lake and Sourdough had unusually deep snow conditions, with high winds and bitter cold.

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