Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Obama waves a giant "Never Mind" flag regarding the global warming hoax: He takes an unnecessary fossil-fueled trip to Florida to promote the idea of lots of foreigners taking more unnecessary fossil-fueled trips to Florida

President Obama to visit Walt Disney World on Thursday to talk tourism - National Disney Travel |

he president’s remarks are to take place at Magic Kingdom in front of Cinderella Castle. Obama’s comments are said to promote “We Can’t Wait” (for Congress), a series of strategies focused on the economy and jobs.

Although details of Obama’s talk have not been revealed, the Disney setting is suggestive. Magic Kingdom clearly evokes Florida (and national) tourism, not to mentions established a visual association with optimism and “dreams come true.” Walt Disney World Resort is a destination for more than 45 million visitors annually.

The Orlando Sentinel suggests the talk may address making travel to the U.S. easier for international visitors s through visa reform. Certainly such a change would be of interest o Disney, as its parks attract large tour groups, including those from Brazil and China, each year.  

Obama: ‘We can’t eat as much as we want… and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK.’ - By Jim Geraghty - The Campaign Spot - National Review Online

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