Friday, January 20, 2012

U.S. announces climate change strategy -

The draft National Fish, Wildlife and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy is available for public review and comment through March 5 at, the release said.

"The impacts of climate change are already here and those who manage our landscapes are already dealing with them," Deputy Secretary of the Interior David J. Hayes said. "The reality is that rising sea levels, warmer temperatures, loss of sea ice and changing precipitation patterns -- trends scientists have definitively connected to climate change -- are already affecting the species we care about, the services we value, and the places we call home."

Climate Change Ripples Through Mountain Ecosystems - Yahoo! News

Like dominoes given one nudge, climate change in the form of reduced winter snowfall on mountaintops has subtle but powerful cascading effects felt throughout entire ecosystems, a new study finds.

Several feet of snow expected for northern Utah, parts of Rockies, raising avalanche danger | The Republic

Officials reported 100-mph wind gusts in the Wyoming Range, and said up to 46 inches of snow had already fallen in the Teton Range northwest of Jackson.

“Disbelieving is hard work” « Climate Sanity

What does all this have to do with ClimateSanity?  Simple – it sounds like Vermeer’s and Rahmstorf’s model linking global sea level to global temperature (“Global sea level linked to global temperature,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, December 22, 2009 vol. 106 no. 51 21527-21532 ).  It has been incontrovertibly demolished, but the believer’s just can’t let it go.  They must suffer theory-induced blindness.  They seem to have endless capacity to simply overlook the plethora of bizarre, improbable or impossible consequences of the Vermeer and Rahmstorf  model.

Jimmy Says Alaska Is Burning Up | Real Science

The red hot temperatures are the reason it took several weeks to get fuel to Nome through all the thick ice.

Satellites showed Alaska just about normal temperatures in December, while Jimmy had it 4-11C above normal. Hansen has completely lost the plot. GISS is operating in a science and honesty free environment, with complicity by the press and government.

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