Wednesday, January 11, 2012

UN & EU: Rich and Unaccountable — “A Vast Enterprise of Looting” | The SPPI Blog

This is a very topical issue, as the UN seeks to pull even more money from the West for its “Contraction and Divergence” programs, via the Green Fund agreed at Copenhagen, restated at Cancun and again at the December UNFCCC Conference of the Parties in Durban.

UN sits on billions in cash, won’t say where it goes

Helping the Cause … or Making Enemies? | The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media

As with the atmosphere itself, advocates’ rhetoric on climate change can overheat, potentially thwarting the very actions and goals those messages are meant to encourage.

Climate Change [Hoax] Officers At Sheffield City Council « NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT

Following my FOI request to Sheffield City Council to provide a list of employees whose roles primarily involve work relating to climate change, I can reveal they are spending over £600,000 p.a. on “Climate Change” Officers. They employ 13 officers at an average salary of about £35900 (depending on exactly where individuals are in their salary bands). When National Insurance and Pension Scheme contributions are added to this, the total rises to £624,000 p.a. Other administration costs such as accommodation, computer and travelling costs would, at a conservative estimate, increase the overall costs to above £650,000.

Al Fin: Big Wind and Solar Power: When Al Fin Changed His Mind

You can trace the progression of Dr. Fin's attitude toward big wind and big solar from "very favourable" all the way to "very unfavourable." What happened? No money changed hands to prompt the transformation. It was merely a question of looking at verifiable facts over time, and being compelled logically to change.

The Reference Frame: Al Gore: realitree, reality drops, climate reality patrol

What Al Gore doesn't realize is that the mankind has moved on exactly because it has learned something i didn't know before; naive hysterical screams about the civilization at [AGW] risk are no longer enough to influence most of the people who matter because they have already understood that the climate panic is silly. The right way to proceed is for Al Gore to learn these elementary things as well; it is not really possible to make everyone else "unlearn" what they have already understood.

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