Thursday, February 02, 2012

Climate Change Is Putting Punxsutawney Phil Out of a Job - National - The Atlantic Wire

"This is the most philosophically perplexing Groundhog Day ever," noted CNBC's John Carney.

Terminator on green mission - The Times of India

Schwarzenegger delivered a lively keynote address at a session on regional work for sustainability where, as expected, he had the audience eating out of his hands. "I thought I was popular but when Dr Pachauri ( TERI chief, RK Pachauri) visited California, he was surrounded by people who wanted his autograph, wanting to be photographed with him. I felt invisible. It doesn't happen very often," he said. The audience, predictably, was in splits.

Get Involved: How Do You Teach Your Children About Climate Change? - YouTube

A challenge for you. Tell us how you teach your children about climate change without freaking them out, and "without freaking yourself out".

Katharine Hayhoe, Climate Scientist Cut from Gingrich Book, Flooded With Hate Mail - International Business Times

Hayhoe told Texas Climate News she has received dozens of angry emails following Limbaugh's denunciation, especially after the conservative blogger Mark Morano reportedly published her e-mail address on his Web site.

Jellyfish Blooms Not Caused By Global Warming And Overfishing Of Competitors

The Ethics of Climate Change Denial | Risk: Reason and Reality | Big Think

This staggeringly selfish behavior embodies the purest example of what any fair minded person would call unethical. Evil, even.

Michael E. Mann (michaelemann) on Twitter

Record-breaking seasonal-scale warmth is not just 'weather'; it is at least in part, climate. that's the difference.

Could Climate Change Put the Groundhog Out of Business?: Scientific American

"NEWS FLASH: Groundhog Day cancelled! Phil says he's pretty sure spring *already* arrived in western PA, preempting tomorrow's event," joked climate scientist Michael Mann in a Twitter post yesterday.

Killer freeze grips Europe - Death toll rises to 160

The death toll rose to 160 Thursday as countries from Italy to Ukraine struggled to cope with temperatures that plunged to record lows in some places.

Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Austria, Serbia, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Greece and Slovakia have all suffered cold-related casualties.

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