Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Lack Of Hurricanes Caused By Global Warming | Real Science

The US is currently experiencing the quietest hurricane period in history. This is also due to global warming, as were the very active seasons of 2004-2005. The most active period occurred during the 1880s, when sea surface temperatures were much lower. This is completely consistent with the belief that more and less hurricanes are caused by global warming.

C3: Bizarre "Science" By Lubchenco's NOAA: Fake Global Warming, Part IV

Last time we checked, 'Lubchenco Science' had accomplished 3 full revisions of the entire historical temperature dataset during January, adding to the 6 known full revisions done in December.

Surprise!....Lubchenco has managed to squeeze another full revision of the entire temperature dataset in the last few days - making it at least 4 for January.

NOAA is now up to 10 full revisions since October - they refer to their constant revising of the historical data going back to 1880 as "quality control."

THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper shows no correlation between CO2 and rainfall

Another tenet of AGW theory bites the dust in the face of real-world data

A Tipping Point Reached | Digging in the Clay

The Mail’s article has 15,521 likes on Facebook; 1,874 tweets on Twitter; 181 +1 on Google and 702 comments.  The comment system here allows both ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ voting, and viewing of the comments by ranking.  The best rated comments with 500+ (and up to 1702) positive recommendations are scathing of AGW and green taxes, while the worst rated with (200-769) negative recommendations are all from true believers.

Isn’t social media wonderful? The internet has become the demoscrasphere.

ACM Comment: Who are the "deniers" now? | Australian Climate Madness

Because the consensus boys have dug their heels in so firmly, with massive personal and emotional investment in their projections, it would be impossible for many of them to even acknowledge publicly that there may be more going on in the climate system than their models believe. We know from Climategate that many harbour secret doubts about the magnitude of man-made warming, but few are prepared to speak out.

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