Wednesday, March 07, 2012

D. R. Tucker: Say It Loud, I'm Warmist and Proud!

To be a "warmist" is, in short, to be a concerned citizen. An advocate of responsible capitalism. An idealist in the best sense of the word -- since one cannot be a true idealist without convictions and a commitment to facts.

To be a "warmist" is also to reject blind ideology -- which is why the conservatives and libertarians who insult "warmists" are engaging in explicit projection. In truth, these conservatives and libertarians are the ones who have sworn allegiance to ideology over facts, who have chosen irrationality over reason. They are the ones who cannot understand that there is no dignity in dogma.

I'd like to see warmist Tucker try to defend his "facts" in a public debate against someone like Morano, Monckton, Motl, McIntyre, McKitrick, Michaels, etc.

Unity College President Stephen Mulkey to Offer the Latest Scientific Findings on Global Climate Change - Unity College - Belfast - Waldo - VillageSoup Journal

His talk is titled “Losing Control of the Global Thermostat – Implications for Florida, the U.S. and the World.”

When did we have control of the alleged global thermostat?

Man's BC Hydro bill spikes after smart meter installed - News1130

Vancouver man says bill has tripled since installation

Polar bears to die from harmless trace gas and hail of hot lead, but mostly hail of hot lead « The Daily Bayonet

Global warming probably isn’t much of a problem for Ursus Maritimus, but the incoming hail of Chinese lead is going to leave a mark.

Global Warming Alarmists Rally Around Classroom Propaganda - Forbes

Force impressionable young students to watch, at least eight times apiece, an Al Gore global warming propaganda movie? – Check!

Keep showing the propaganda movie even after a court of law found numerous important factual errors in the movie? – Check!

Set up National Teach-Ins with environmental activists and other propagandists, while at the same time freezing out participation from non-alarmists? – Check!

Flood the Internet and school district mailboxes with activist global warming curricula? – Check!

Sit back and allow the Heartland Institute to make available to teachers and students global warming material that “isn’t alarmist or overtly political?” – Oh, the horrors! No, not THAT?!!!

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