Thursday, November 22, 2012

Global warming fails to hot up a cooling carbon credits market
After a prolonged slide, the price of each well below a euro, a 95% fall in 4 years, with no relief in sight
Phys.Org Mobile: Researchers head to coldest place on earth for global warming insight
Almost imperceptible geographic and climate blips over the rest of the globe are exaggerated in Antarctica. It's a phenomenon known as polar amplification.
UN Bureaucrats Wield Science for Undemocratic Purposes « NoFrakkingConsensus
There is always more than one possible course of action. There are always tradeoffs to be weighed. No individual scientist – and no group of scientists – has the right to make those decisions on everyone else’s behalf.

Anyone who argues that ‘science has spoken’ and that we must therefore listen and obey is being profoundly undemocratic. They are denying the wider community – you and me – a voice.

Quelle surprise that this line of argument is being pushed aggressively this week by UN bureaucrats – just prior to the launch of a new round of UN climate negotiations in Doha.

These people are scary. They were never elected by us, but they think it’s their right to choose our future – to guide us down a particular, UN-approved path.

Do not, for one minute, believe them when they tell you that that path is dictated by science.

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