Friday, November 30, 2012

Invest in food on climate change risk: Baring | Reuters
"(Climate change) is a disaster," Valensise told the summit, held at the Reuters office in London.

"We don't know whether there will be warming or not warming, we just know it will be different and this brings a lot of volatility to weather ... which is bad for agriculture."
Bill McKibben: Energy Enemy Number One — MasterResource
As an energy researcher who knows the indispensability of the fossil fuel industry to my own life and billions of lives around the world, I am doing whatever I can to stop this movement.

Earlier this month I publicly debated Bill McKibben in order to make the case that his quest “to cut our fossil fuel use by a factor of 20 over the next few decades” is pseudoscientific and suicidal.
Inhofe calls U.N. talks a 'party,' vows to take skepticism to voters
Inhofe spoke as U.N. climate talks are under way in Doha, Qatar. No U.S. lawmakers are currently scheduled to attend the talks, which Inhofe dismissed as "an annual party" for bureaucrats.

Inhofe's office has not ruled out the possibility of his attending the talks via video message, as he did last year. But a trip to Qatar would be wasted, he told reporters yesterday, because there is no possibility that the United States will pass comprehensive climate change legislation in the coming years.

"That is a promise," he said. "It's not going to happen. So why go down there and waste a lot of time?"
How The Climate Scumbags Operate : Part 1 | Real Science
Part 1 : Pick a recent start date for analyzing a trend, and then blame it on CO2.
Part 2 : Ignore critical information from prior to your start date :

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