Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Intimidation Effort Launched Against Skeptics: The 'Checks and Balances Project' | Climate Depot
'Although little corporate money goes to skeptics (especially as compared to the corporate money that goes to alarmists), the green-run Checks and Balances Projects apparently aims to resurrect that myth with two goals in mind: (1) continue to intimidate corporations from funding skeptics and (2) intimidate the media from running skeptic commentary...intends to silence skeptics so that government power can expand through climate-energy policy'
Twitter / RyanMaue: Great news for NOAA as new ...
Great news for NOAA as new leadership is on its way. Lubchencho going back to the Ivory Tower -- hopefully with Stephen Chu in tow.
Twitter / nsj: BREAKING: NOAA's Dr. Jane ...
BREAKING: NOAA's Dr. Jane Lubchenco leaving NOAA at the end of February - returning to "family and academia."

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