Friday, January 11, 2013

Bummer from Australian warmist Tim Flannery: "large parts of the continent will be uninhabitable"

As Australia burns, attitudes are changing. But is it too late? | Tim Flannery - The Guardian
This summer, life in Australia resembles a compulsory and very unpleasant game of Russian roulette.
The superheated air currently monstering the continent is fickle. This week, Sydneysiders watched in relative thermal comfort as those living just 100km to the south endured scorching heat, blustering winds, and unstoppable fires.
Australia's average temperature has increased by just 0.9 of a degree celsius over the past century. Within the next 90 years we're on track to warm by at least another three degrees. Having seen what 0.9 of a degree has done to heatwaves and fire extremes, I dread to think about the kind of country my grandchildren will live in. Even our best agricultural land will be under threat if that future is realised. And large parts of the continent will be uninhabitable, not just by humans, but by Australia's spectacular biodiversity as well.
Twitter / RyanMaue: From CFSR hourly reanalysis ...
From CFSR hourly reanalysis data, I have 2012 avg. Australia temp at 70.2°F, which is 4th coolest out of 34-yrs (1979-2012). 2011 is coolest

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