Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's all so confusing: Michael Mann says "I *don't* charge $10,000 for talks. That's a fabrication", then admits that he *does* charge up to $10,000 for talks

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[Michael Mann, January 16]    Patrick: the point though is that I *don't* charge $10,000 for talks. That's a fabrication...
[Michael Mann, January 17]   So Heartland Institute affiliate ( Alyssa Carducci presented herself as a conference organizer for the "Association of Air Conditioning Distributors" (an organization that does not exist, according to google anyway) in order to get a quote for a speaker's fee from my agent Jodi Solomon (who charges anywhere from 5-10K depending on the venue, a rate that the speakers bureau has set based on their assessment of fair market price).

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that Mann is saying he charges $10K, he appears to be saying his agent charges $5-10K.

Assuming his agents receives 10-15%, then technically Mann hasn't lied.

Having said that, even making $1K for a speech on his work is a vested interest in continuing to talk up cAGW.

What does his employment contract say?