Thursday, January 24, 2013

Risks of Hurricane Sandy-like Surge Events Rising | Climate Central
[You know what allegedly rare things are allegedly caused by?  CO2!] “The fact that our calculations show Sandy’s track to be so rare under long-term average climate conditions lends support to a climate change influence,” the study said.
Twitter / keithkloor: RT @atrembath We're allowed ...
RT @atrembath We're allowed to stretch truth about extreme weather bc we dont like climate change, and ignore rebound bc we like efficiency.
The Hindu : Cities / Chennai : ‘Climate change hits poor societies most’
In a lecture, [policy-neutral] Rajendra Pachauri said sustainable development was the way forward

If extreme climatic events occurred, the worst afflicted would be some of the poorest societies on earth.
Talking about the heat waves, Mr. Pachauri, said that heat waves which take place currently once in 20 years, will by the end of the century, occur once in two years if nothing is done about it immediately.
Gawker writer says cold weather is 'worse than the Holocaust' | Fox News
"While Mr. Okulski may have intended to make a joke in comparing the cold weather to the Holocaust, his Twitter post is clearly not funny," Lauter told "Such a trivialization of the Holocaust is deeply offensive to Jews, survivors and those who fought courageously against the Nazis in World War II."

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