Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tree Theft on the Rise in Germany as Heating Costs Increase - SPIEGEL ONLINE
The paper reports that now some foresters are outfitting log piles with GPS devices to track thieves.
Editorial: Global Warming Takes A Vacation | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
Those who dare assert the Earth’s temperature isn’t on a perilous rise are derided as “deniers.” For liberals, the climate debate has ended, and it is an unquestionable article of faith that mankind’s carbon-dioxide emanations have set the stage for rising oceans, devastating hurricanes and disasters on a scale never before seen. To say otherwise is unthinkable, and that has created a dilemma. It’s not actually getting warmer.
Eco-activist allowed to leave protest tunnel as temperatures plummet | Environment |
An eco-activist holed up in a tunnel as part of a campaign to stop a controversial road scheme was allowed to leave his burrow as temperatures plunged below freezing – and return the next morning.

Security staff stood aside as the activist – known as Simon Sitting Bull – left the tunnel so that he could warm up [via the burning of planet-killing fossil fuels?]. Next morning they let him back in so that he could resume his protest against the scheme in East Sussex.
Beijing is not the only Asian city with lethal air pollution | Environment |
The Chinese capital is just one of hundreds of cities where poisonous air is the fastest growing cause of death
The blame is variously levelled on the geography of cities, the inversion of temperatures especially in cold months which trap pollutants, the vastly increasing number of cars, power plants, forest fires and the boom in building construction.

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