Saturday, February 02, 2013

Scientific American article is a perfect illustration of the global warming farce: After Alaska cooled 2.4 degrees F. last decade, we are supposed to picture Alaskans "desperately" trying to "flee" global warming

Alaskans Try to Flee Climate Change Impacts but Find Little Help: Scientific American
...12 small, indigenous communities on Alaska's coast provide the most extreme example of how global warming can wreak havoc.
Three communities "have been desperately trying to relocate for decades," she said. "I'm just stunned by how challenging the relocation effort is."
If they've really been "desperately trying to relocate for decades",  why haven't they moved yet?

Flashback: Oops: After Alaska cooled 2.4 degrees F. last decade, super-scary new federal government report claims that the most dramatic global warming evidence is in....wait for it....ALASKA!!!

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