Friday, February 22, 2013

The PJ Tatler » Hey Kids, Guess Who’s Protecting The Evil Corporate Jets?
The Senate Democratic plan – which has been endorsed by the White House and is, in fact, the only Democratic plan actively under consideration right now – doesn’t touch corporate jets.
The New Nostradamus of the North: Hollywood "eco-luminaries" fighting global warming, sponsored by H & M
The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Global Green, "an organization dedicated to fighting climate change", has organized its Annual Pre-Oscar Party at Avalon Hollywood.
According to the paper "celebrities and eco-luminaries" arrived at the party in Chevy Volt electric vehicles, sponsored by the Swedish cheap fashion company H & M.
Here is what "the proud sponsor" chose not to tell the Hollywood "eco-luminaries":
H&M has come under fire after a Swedish broadcast claims the high-street retailer isn’t doing enough to prevent sweatshop-like conditions at a subcontractor’s factory in Cambodia. The television documentary, aired by TV4′s Kalla Fakta (“Cold Facts”) program on Wednesday night, alleges that Cambodian workers producing clothing for the company are paid so little they have to borrow money to buy food.
Beyond Locavorism: Food Diversity for Food Security (carbon-fuel transport remains essential) — MasterResource
“The diversification of our food supply sources via cost-effective and large-scale, long-distance transportation is one of the great unappreciated wonders of our age…. [T]he best way to improve the security of humanity’s food supply is to press forward with specialized large-scale production in the world’s most suitable locations, backed up with ever more scientific research and greater reliance on (for the foreseeable future), carbon fuel-powered long-distance trade.”
1954 : Seven States Were Hit By Major Hurricanes | Real Science
During 1954, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, South Carolina and North Carolina were hit by three major hurricanes – Carol, Edna and Hazel.

Hurricane Carol produced a 15 foot storm surge in Connecticut.

By contrast, it has now been eight years since any state was hit by a major hurricane – the longest such period since the Civil War.

People who blame hurricanes on “climate change” have no idea what they are talking about, like the guy who gave the State Of The Union address.

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