Friday, March 01, 2013

Opinion: Meet my kid, an adorable environmental disaster
BERKELEY CO., W.V. – Last year, on March 25, my wife Kristin and I made a lifestyle choice, that by all accounts will have the most egregious environmental impact of our lives.
...the carbon legacy and greenhouse gas impact of our child will overshadow by 20 times all of our green do-gooder acts.
Our son's environmental impact began well before he emerged from the womb, as we drove weekly to doctors across our region, in Winchester, Va.; Bethesda, Md.; and beyond. Kristin and I joked at one point about naming our son "Carbon Footprint Feldman."
Coal To Win 2013 Battle With Gas, As Coal Regains Significant Generation Market Share
EIA is now projecting that natural gas’s generation market share will drop from 30.3% in 2012 to 27.6% in 2014, while coal’s share will rebound to 39.1% in 2014 from 37.4%.
Apocalypse? No. But unless we change tack, the planet is running out of time | Andrew Simms | Environment |
we are living through a man-made mass extinction event.
...It's an indicator of the force and speed of the unintended consequences of our economic activity, and something which makes it impossible for many species to adapt. And left unaddressed that could be the case for humanity too.
...instead of climate campaigners being applauded for their actions, they are being hounded with £5 million law suits.  [So we're supposed to applaud when people illegally shut down power plants in an attempt to prevent CO2-induced bad weather?]

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