Thursday, April 11, 2013

New paper shows natural climate cycles can change the pace of atmospheric warming | Carbon Brief
The research suggests that we're in one of these so called hiatus periods at the moment. But what's causing it? According to the new paper, understanding natural variability in the climate system could be key to finding out.  [Ya think?]
Chicago School 'Market Socialism' by Thomas DiLorenzo
In the April 8 issue of the Wall Street Journal George Schultz and Gary Becker advocated a massive new carbon tax. Their arguments are based on very poor economic reasoning and an extremely naïve view of politics and politicians.
Playing Hockey Without Any Ice | Real Science
The hockey team says that current temperatures are the highest in at least 100,000 years.
Apparently the melting point of ice must have changed, because Dr. Walt Meier at NSIDC says that the Arctic used to be ice free.
Cold snap will add £200 on to energy bills this year as price rises kick in for millions of homes | This is Money
Households spent an extra £40 heating their homes last month as temperatures dropped

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