Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Is Obama So Feckless On Climate Change That He's Influenced By Meaningless Dial Testing? | ThinkProgress
So the President is basing his climate policy decisions on something that has no scientific validity. Awesome. Perhaps next time it’ll be Tarot cards — or denier blogs, which are much the same thing.
Climate action is not only a political winner according to pretty much every poll, it is a moral necessity, something Obama himself made clear just last year.
Robber Lords and the Marketplace of Bad Ideas » Climate Resistance
For a chamber that is populated by people who are appointed on the basis of merit, replacing the feudal system, it was a very disappointing experience. It’s not simply that I disagreed with many of the comments; the problem is with their total mediocrity. Nigel Lawson and Matt Ridley made good arguments, but the putative ‘rebuttals’, were all of the kind we’re so used to hearing: the deference to the scientific consensus, and the litany of climate catastrophes that await us. The latter invariably consists of cobbled-together factoids. And the former, as ever, allows someone with very little brain power to marshal ignorance against a better-informed argument.

That much is old news. We’re used to that. But one theme came up often in the arguments in favour of the Bill that I hadn’t given too much thought to before: the apparent need to create ‘investor confidence’ in the renewable energy sector.
Marshall Islands Has New Climate Diplomacy Advisor
He has a doctorate in environmental physics from the UK

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Sean said...

"the apparent need to create ‘investor confidence’ in the renewable energy sector." is a coded message saying this industry is non competitive and needs government support to survive. I think most investors know the code. I also think this is to prop up current investors not encourage new ones.