Tuesday, June 25, 2013


BRUTAL! Democrat Senator Shreds Obama’s Global Warming Speech: ‘Irresponsible’, ‘Flat Earth’ | The Tea Party News Network | TPNN.com
It’s not only Tea Party conservatives who didn’t approve of Obama’s ridiculous speech today, in which he pitifully attempted to get his massive scandals off the front page. Democrat Senator Joe Manchin had a brutal assessment of Obama’s climate change speech today. Speaking to Bret Baier of FOX News, Manchin called the speech “irresponsible” and referred to the those promoting Obama’s war on coal and domestic energy as still believing that the world was flat:
Lomborg: Obama should confront climate change fantasies
The confusion stems from Obama's unwillingness to confront three climate fantasies:

Renewables are a major part of the solution today. No, they are almost trivial. Today, the world gets 81% of its energy from fossil fuels – by 2035, in the most green scenario, we will still get 79% from fossil fuels. Wind and solar will increase from 0.8% to 3.2% -- impressive, but not what is going to matter.
Biofuels should play a major part of the solution. No. For now, biofuels simply diverts food into cars, driving up food prices and starvation, while clearing forests for new fields emit more CO2 than biofuels save.
Efficiency can cut emissions. No. While efficiency is good, studies show it has little climate impact, because its savings gets eaten up by more use. As your car gets more efficient, you drive it further, and the money you still save get used for other carbon-emitting activities.
Joan Walsh: ‘Obama Got the Last Laugh’ When People Died During Superstorm Sandy | NewsBusters
On MSNBC’s Hardball Tuesday, Salon’s Joan Walsh actually said “Obama got the last laugh” when people died as a result of Superstorm Sandy because it rebuffed something Mitt Romney said about the President at last year’s Republican National Convention
Twitter / BarryJWoods: Gordon Brown tried the 'flat ...
Gordon Brown tried the 'flat earther line', Pre - Cop15. how did that turn out. ? @MotherJones @chriscmooney how will Gordon be remembered.

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