Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Peak Nonsense — MasterResource
And so here we go again on the trial of exhaustion theory, one step removed from the scientism of central planning where decline rates are projected and a social cost of depletion is calculated for an extraction tax. But it is all bad science.
Busted: Obama allies urge enviros to avoid discussing costs of climate plan and using words like ‘regulations’ |
A talking points memo sent Monday night ahead of President Obama’s speech Tuesday on climate change tells Obama supporters to downplay economic arguments and words like “regulations.”
The memo, obtained by National Journal, includes a “do’s and don’t’s” list of phrases to use (and not use) when advocating for action on climate change. “Do discuss modernizing and retooling power plants and innovation that will create green jobs…Don’t try to suggest net job increases,” reads one part of the memo.
Point of Inquiry Team Resigns, Launches New Show with Mother Jones

Twitter / LittleIceAge: No, alleged human caused global ...
No, alleged human caused global warming is not caused by carbon pollution. Carbon pollutions in the form of carbon particulates do exist.
Twitter / LittleIceAge: To label CO2 as carbon pollution ...
To label CO2 as carbon pollution is false and dishonest and this type of twisting of language is exactly what George Orwell predicted.
Twitter / PeterGleick: Climate deniers are to the ...
Climate deniers are to the science of climate change what the Flat Earth Society is to the science of planetary shape. #climate #science
Twitter / chrislhayes: "Invest, divest" is the most ...
"Invest, divest" is the most crypto-radical line the President has ever uttered.

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