Saturday, June 01, 2013


Popular The Statistical Destruction of the 97% Consensus
As Dr. Tol so eloquently put it,
"[Dana] I think your sampling strategy is a load of nonsense." - Richard Tol
Memo to Warmists: Climate scientist Andrew Weaver is not a Nobel prize winner |
Climate Science Watch’s tagline is “Promoting integrity in the use of climate science by government.” But if it can’t get correct something simple like who is and who is not a Nobel winner, it will be hard to take the rest of what its integrity seriously.
Record rains of the kind they claimed were gone | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Melbourne CBD recorded the wettest June day on record after 48.6mm fell since 9am yesterday.
GISS : 0.3 C Cheating In Just The Last Two Years | Real Science
Climate experts say that the Earth has warmed about 0.7ºC since 1880. In the last two years alone, NASA has created almost 0.3ºC warming – simply by altering their data set.
Hurricane season begins with a new record hurricane drought for the USA | Watts Up With That?
As of today, it has been 2777 days or 7.6 years since the US has been hit by a Cat 3 or greater hurricane. The last such hurricane was Wilma on October 24th, 2005. Each day forward will be a new record in this drought period.

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