Friday, July 26, 2013


Why book burning on climate change no longer works | iPolitics
science-based forecasts are predictive by definition. And anybody knows that predicting the future is a fool’s game. Unless it’s based on scientific and political consensus.
Did the Media Just Prove North Pole Is NOT Melting? - The WeatherMatrix Blog Weather Blog
This puts the webcam at approximately 350 miles south of the North Pole, closer to Greenland than Santa Claus!
What happened to the heatwave? U.S. temperatures will drop 20 degrees below July averages -- Earth Changes --
Last week should be the worst of the summer in terms of heat, according to Boston meteorologist David Epstein.

Saying that he believes the worst of the heat is over, Epstein explained that severe heatwaves aren't sustainable as the summer wears on due to a number of factors including less daylight and the sun being at a lower angle, 'the likelihood of a weeklong heat wave starts to diminish.'
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds no increase in climate variability over recent decades
A paper published today in Nature finds that there has been no increase of global temperature variability over the past few decades. According to the authors, "Our findings contradict the view that a warming world will automatically be one of more overall climatic variation"

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