Monday, August 26, 2013


Twelfth Coldest January-August In The US Since 1930 | Real Science
Before NOAA data tampering, January-August 2013 has been the twelfth coldest in the US since 1930.
Clive Hamilton preaches to the believers: tells them to “cringe” at deniers « JoNova
He hopes people will cringe rather than listen to deniers. (God forbid that citizens might have a polite discussion, or there be an actual debate like in a courtroom or a parliament.) Hamilton is delivering his sermon to the poor sods who read the ABC Drum. He’s reminding them that skeptics are the lepers of our community, and if any of the faithful should make the mistake of asking whether a foreign government committee might be less than 100% correct (in being 95% scared), they shall be shunned from the Citadel of Ultimo.
Tomorrow: Climate at your doorstep — The Daily Climate
The Daily Climate launches a new series on Tuesday exploring climate impacts affecting society here and now.
First stop: Bankrupt Detroit, where increasing storm intensity is putting an aging sewage system under strain.
Mild weather marks start of week, but heat to return :: North Carolina
“It’s very chilly for this time of year,” WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said. “We’re talking about nearly a record low at the airport this morning.”

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