Wednesday, August 28, 2013


‘History shows hurricanes are natural. Hyping them is not’ | Climate Depot
'NOAA assembled 11,967 hurricane / cyclone tracks from 1842 to 2012 and compiled the tracks into one image. So far, 2013 has seen historically low tropical storm activity in the North Atlantic, with none at all developing into hurricanes to date. It has been eight years since a major hurricane hit the US, the longest such period since the Civil War. The U.S. has experienced the fewest hurricanes during President Obama’s time in office it has during any president’s'
Twitter / RyanMaue: Climate scientists praised ...
Climate scientists praised Al Jazeera America, can't wait to share their opinions w/ideological soulmates. But...
Another Climate Embarrassment | Power Line
Live by the extreme weather anecdote, die by the extreme weather anecdote.
Wind farms are a breach of human rights says UN. No, really. – Telegraph Blogs
How could an organisation as corrupt, depraved and enslaved by deep-green ideology possibly do anything to help the little guy against the depradations of Big Green?

Well, it seems I owe Pat Swords and Christine Metcalfe an apology. Like most people I hate saying "sorry". But on this occasion, I'm overjoyed to have the opportunity.
Brazil - Worst snowfall in 13 years
Maybe 15 years. Maybe 22 years.
Snowfall of such intensity and duration in São José dos Absent is the highest in 13 years.
Perhaps even longer.

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