Friday, September 20, 2013


Acadia prof trained in Climate Reality
“We’re going to have to give stuff up,” says Callaghan. “We’ll be forced by nature.”
She does want to foster discussion about rethinking and retooling in this region, because “every single problem will get worse as the climate changes.”
More media pressure finally forcing the IPCC to cut the spin « JoNova
The race in the media continues: The UK Daily Mail (again), The Spectator, The UK Express. The headlines the IPCC must hate just keep coming, now in major newspapers and magazines. Finally, maybe, some of the media is starting to get it. At last also the IPCC is feeling the pressure to explain the halting of global warming and the poor performance of its climate models.
Arctic sea ice reaches lowest extent for 2013 | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis
This year’s minimum was 1.69 million square kilometers (653,000 square miles) above the record minimum extent in the satellite era
US July Maximum Temperatures Getting Cooler As CO2 Has Increased | Real Science
If CO2 controls the climate as 97% of all intelligent people believe, then 307 PPM would fry the US and 400 PPM will keep us cool.

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