Saturday, September 07, 2013


If Global Warming Promoters are Proud of all their ██████ ████████ Work, then Why do They Hide Parts of It? |
We can apparently add one more situation to the growing pile of instances where folks pushing the idea of man-caused global warming are caught trying to hide inconvenient details.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: GFS freeze Mon am in areas ...
GFS freeze Mon am in areas that had the snow/cold Mem day weekend would imply one of shortest growing seasons ever!
Twitter / cwhope: Walkie Talkie Architect blames ...
Walkie Talkie Architect blames solar collector effect on global warming. Astounding.
Phlogiston and Global Warming. | Pointman's
Gracious acceptance of criticism is not a common human trait. In most scientists it provokes irritation, denial and antagonism. Among what their admirers call the top climate scientists, dissent seems to provoke spectacular responses. They are obsessed with CO2 as an explanation for everything. Nothing else will serve. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, CO2 causes warming, CO2 causes snow, CO2 causes strong winds; soon we will hear CO2 blamed for Man City losing the Championship.

In the early Eighteenth Century phlogiston was all the rage. When a metal corroded it was said to have lost phlogiston. When it was pointed out that rusting iron gained weight, it was explained that phlogiston had negative weight. A burning candle lost weight because it was rich in phlogiston. It was the settled science.

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