Friday, December 20, 2013


Do views of global-warming critics deserve to be heard? | Fox Business Video
FBN's Dennis Kneale sounds off on the demonization of climate-change critics.
Unveil the Truth About Global Warming | Commentary : Roll Call Opinion
Since CO2 is not a pollutant, what impact does it have? As we learned in the third grade, CO2 is what plants eat. The more of it they eat, the faster and larger they grow, including the food crops. It is also a mild greenhouse gas that helps warm the Earth somewhat. Most plants and trees also respond favorably to a modest warming. With more moisture in reasonably warm air than in cold, dry air, all three key ingredients are present: food, water and warmth.

This knowledge should start opening the eyes of Americans who have been deluged with propaganda from global warming fanatics and alarmist organizations that are trying to scare us that our planet is under attack by CO2.
Prime-time's global warming omission : Columbia Journalism Review
The nuanced particulars of climate change are a difficult message to convey, especially in breaking news updates. But if we’re going to understand the real fallout of global warming, journalists are going to have to rise to the occasion to make it fit.
Articles: Global Warming Gone AWOL
Protecting the world's population from climate change, protecting them from "greedy capitalists," protecting them from "systemic risk" -- it doesn't matter what the excuse is. Most modern-day environmentalists are leftists, and the central belief of the left, going back to Karl Marx, is that all power must be transferred to a political elite that will rule, and rule forever, in the name of the people. That "vanguard" of the proletariat now gathers daily at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, plotting its next assault on the American people. And it has found environmental causes a convenient pretext for the expansion of its power.

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