Monday, December 23, 2013


James Hansen In Spiegel Interview: Environmental Groups Against Nuclear Power “For Fear Of Losing Funding”
Environmentalists have put themselves in a catch 22 situation. By overblowing the consequences of fossil fuels, they have only succeeded in strengthening the arguments for a source of power that they regard as being about as evil.
Warmists now in the super-activist phase of false prophecy
Warmists have now recovered from the fact that there is no warming going on and that all their predictions were wrong. And they have recovered just as Mrs Martin did: By finding a convenient but invisible explanation for why the world has been spared disaster. In the Warmist case they say that the warming is still going on but the extra heat is somehow magically slipping past both the ocean and terrestrial surfaces and burying itself in the ocean deeps. The fact that heat tends to rise rather than sink doesn't seem to worry them. And the fact that the ocean deeps are known mainly for the extreme stability of their temperature doesn't bother them either.

And now that they have that "explanation' for their prophecy failure, they are going on to the next phase recorded by Festinger: They are becoming more fanatical than ever and are proselytizing frantically -- as you will see below.
The New Nostradamus of the North: Dan Hannan on the Green Jobs Fallacy
In just one minute Conservative MEP Dan Hannan manages to destroy the myth of green jobs

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