Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Even San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom evidently isn't sufficiently CO2-phobic

Newsom Reiterates Opposition to Renewable Energy Measure | Fog City Journal
Mayor Gavin Newsom today confirmed his opposition to a November ballot measure that would, if approved by voters, advance San Francisco to a 100 percent clean renewable energy portfolio by 2040.

“I don’t support the public power initiative,” Newsom responded to Fog City Journal inquiry.

Defying expectations that he understands the severity of global climate change, Newsom said he has spoken “to real people on the streets” to arrive at his position. “I haven’t met one person who says ‘my gosh, boy, you really need to take over the power system in San Francisco’,” Newsom explained.

Newsom, who maintains close ties with PG&E and is exploring a run for Governor said, “this is the wrong time” for “a public power initiative to take over PG&E” despite climate change warnings echoed by former Vice President Al Gore and PG&E’s fossil-fuel-heavy energy portfolio.

“I think it’s rather cynical way of branding it, ‘The Clean Energy Act’,” Newsom said.

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