Friday, February 06, 2009

Complete barking madness from John Holdren, Obama's science advisor

At the 18:54 mark at the CBC "Climate Wars" podcast here [MP3], John Holdren says this:
...if you lose the summer sea ice, there are phenomena that could lead you not so very long thereafter to lose the winter sea ice as well. And if you lose that sea ice year round, it's going to mean drastic climatic change all over the hemisphere.
(By the way, at the 21:45 mark, alarmist Gwynne Dyer spends some time puzzling about those silly skeptics [especially American ones] who don't even understand that CO2 is going to kill us all.)


Anonymous said...

If you lose summer ice it VERY reasonable that the now-blue arctic ocean will absorb more heat thus causing a feedback system for no winter ice.

blogagog said...

Eh. I think it's possible that the arctic could lose its ice. Stuff like that happens all the time. For example, I lost the pepper grinder for almost a week last year.

Anonymous said...

Talk about alarmist -- every sentence has some tabloid-type concoction added to it -- the author is the alarmist.
Too bad the sceptics (So Called Experts Perpetually Talking In Circles)don't have any of their own research to add to the discussion