Friday, February 06, 2009

Environmental Capital - : Steven Chu: DOE Working to Spend Stimulus Money Faster
One of the big knocks against much of the proposed spending in the stimulus packages is that it will take years for the money to trickle into the economy. New energy secretary Steven Chu vows to make sure that doesn’t happen on his watch, and pledged to try to spend about half the department’s $35 billion to $40 billion in expected funding this year.

In an interview with Stephen Power of The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Chu said the department’s legacy of conservative decision-making might have to be jettisoned to get that money out the door quickly.
Steig's "Corrections" « Climate Audit
In this period, I submit that it is clearly not the case that the "resulting differences in the reconstruction are too small to be discernable".
Heliogenic Climate Change: Insanity in Britain
A new runway at Heathrow would result in every other British airport having to abandon expansion plans to meet the Government’s climate change target, a study has suggested.

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10ksnooker said...

Government spending does not help the economy. You can spend all the government wants, the people doing the work end up in the same place when the money runs out -- The unemployment line.

Nobody is going to stock retail or build new anything based on somebody coming in with a check. They will just take the money and may or may not order any more.

Seems like reparations to me ...