Monday, March 30, 2009

Japan signs deal to buy Czech carbon [scam] credits
PRAGUE, March 30 (AFP) Mar 30, 2009
Japan signed a deal with the Czech Republic Monday to buy permits to emit 40 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) that the central European country has not used.

Czech Environment Minister Martin Bursik declined to elaborate on the value of the deal but said he expected to get 10 billion crowns (361 million euros, 476 million dollars) for this and similar deals this year.
Melbournians tuned out during the Earth Hour « Endresen’s Blog
Some Melbournians switched off their lights, but the majority of the inhabitants decided to not bother about it. It found that 40 per cent of the people switched off their lights, down from 56 per cent from the last year.
Auntie’s Tall Tale Of Daddy Long Legs — Climate Resistance: Challenging Climate Orthodoxy
One particular quote in the RSPB press release proved particularly attractive, being used by the BBC, Telegraph and Daily Mail. It’s from Pearce-Higgins:
This is the most worrying development that I have found in my scientific career to date.

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