Monday, March 30, 2009

More Earth Hour follies

Twitter / Paula Grunseit
spent Earth Hour cleaning up after a bottle of dark red nail polish fell and broke on the bathroom floor 'cos I had the f'ing lights off
Twitter / Jesus Christ
Tripped on something in the dark during earth hour. Dropped my iphone. Now Oregon Trail doesn't work. FML.
Twitter / Sher
I forgot to say during earth hour my Aunt's candle went nuts, had to fire extinguish it out! was kinda funny...
Twitter / Satish Kanwar
Earth hour's pretty silly. Almost set a fire and friend tripped down the stairs. Out the window… lights are blazing…."
Twitter / whogivesashirt
I wonder what the fire department thinks of Earth Hour? Alarm going off in my building - candle usage to blame?
Twitter / Suzan Payne
Earth hour is almost here, so I am signing off & heading outside to a lovely warm roaring fire with a chilled bottle of wine. Night all :)
Twitter / Pauline Serrano
shit. i either sprained or broke my ankle during the crazy earth hour.
Twitter / Janine Hunter
almost broke neck by tripping over boxes for Earth Hour.....but I'm ok.
Twitter / Priyam
yeah and i did that Earth Hour thing too... banged into 2 tables and the wall, broke my toe nail. I dont like this idea at all
Twitter / Cameron McDermott
I broke my toe for a second time because of earth hour- no lights = feet safety failure- FAIL
Twitter / Luis Estrada
so i turned out my lights for earth hour. but i was watching tv. does that make me a bad person? what was i supposed to do for an hour?
Twitter / ShelleyBF
Tried to convince MIL that watching TV & using computer in the dark doesn't constitute Earth Hour. She didn't believe me.

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